If you are not familiar with aviation snips, these are professional shearing tools that look quite similar to scissors, but are much more heavy-duty and used to cut a high gauge sheet metal.

While you can use a lot of different tools to cut through metal, an aviation snip is a preferred choice for many as it offers complete control over the user. As it is a completely manual tool, there is no risk involved of it getting out of control and causing an accident. Here are some interesting facts about aviation snips that crucial for its working:

  • Cut Orientation: The cut orientation of the blade can be identified by just observing the design of the aviation snip. The oriented blade designs offer either a left or a right-handed curve that will create the same type of cut on the metal.
  • Blade Hardness: To ensure proper shearing, the material of the blade must be harder than that of the metal which is being cut from the aviation snip. If this phenomenon is not satisfied, the blade will simply break in the process and you will not be able to perform your task.
  • Warranty: In the case of tools and workshop equipment, a suitable warranty period is very important. While working on a job, you might run into a problem that can potentially damage your tool. If that happens under the warranty period, you can claim a free replacement.

You can also go through the Buying guide for aviation snips available later in the article to purchase the best option among our choices.

8 Best Aviation Snips 2021

Best Aviation Snips Cut Type Size Warranty Buy Now
MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set Left and right 11 inches Lifetime Check the Price
Amazon Basics Aviation Snips Left and right 10 inches 1 year Check the Price
CRAFTSMAN Aviation Snips Straight 11 inches Lifetime Check the Price
Finder Aviation Snips Left and right 10 inches 2 years Check the Price
MILW 3-Pc Aviation Snips Left, right, and straight 12 inches Lifetime Check the Price
Metal Shears 1202S Aviation Snips Straight 11 inches Check the Price
Channellock 610FL Aviation Snips Left 10 inches Check the Price
Metal Shears Aviation Snips Left, right, and straight 10 inches Check the Price

Best Aviation Snips 2021 Reviews

1. MIDWEST Aviation Snips

MIDWEST Aviation Snips

Our 1st pick for the best aviation snip available in the market is the 2 piece set from Midwest tool and cutlery. The MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set consists of left and right cut combination snips that have solid alloy steel blades on the front.

It gives you the option to switch between 2 different cutting types in case you require them. The blades themselves are hot forged and heat-treated to provide maximum durability.

Not only the blades, but you can also notice similar durability on the handles that are designed with superior design so that it does not get bent easily after applying pressure. This will allow you to use the snip on hard metal with maximum force.

Although, the gripping area is made with comfortable gripping material that gives you a firm grip and avoids the possibility of slipping. It has a lifetime warranty and assurance from Midwest Tool & Cutlery.

Best Features:

  • 2 piece set
  • Left and right cut combination snips
  • Solid alloy steel blades
  • Allows dual cutting type
  • Hot forged & heat-treated blades
  • Durable handles
  • Usable on hard metals
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • One of the few options that have a lifetime warranty
  • 2 different options are available


  • Comparatively expensive choice
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2. Amazon Basics Aviation Snips

In the 2nd position, we have yet another 2 pieces set of aviation snips as they are quite popular among the regular users. The left and right cut snips that are included in the Amazon Basics 2-Piece Aviation Snip Set are quite common and will get most of the tasks done without needing any extra tool.

It gives you the option to cut the metal from either left or right side that solves a lot of problems regarding the design.

This pair of snips is designed by the AmazonBasics brand and suitable for cutting through thin sheets of aluminum tin and metal bodies. It can also easily carve through 18 gauge steel and 22 gauge stainless steel that is commonly used for many applications.

It features a high leverage design and sharp-edged blades made out of premium chrome vanadium steel material that is heat-treated. Thus, its cutting performance is very smooth and the smooth handles add up to it.

Best Features:

  • 2 piece set
  • Left and right cut combination snips
  • Suitable for most tasks
  • Both cutting sides available
  • Preferred for thin aluminum tin
  • Can cut 18 gauge steel
  • Can cut 22 gauge stainless steel
  • High leverage design
  • Chrome vanadium steel blades
  • 1-year warranty


  • The blade quality is decent for the price
  • Grip is comfortable


  • Not recommended for heavy applications
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3. CRAFTSMAN Aviation Snips

Our 3rd pick is coming from a renowned brand called Craftsman that we are all familiar with, Craftsman deals with a lot of handhelds as well as power tools that are widely used for many applications.

Thus, its Aviation Snips is a reliable choice. This pick contains a single straight cut tool that has the ability to cut through up to 18 gauge cold rolled steel and 22 gauge stainless steel, making it a very strong tool.

Unlike most other options, Craftsman aviation snips have an added spring assistance that allows you to use the tool with just one hand. The spring force balances the tool and puts added force on the blades.

Thus, you will not have to put much input on the blades for the cutting. The hardened ¼ inches cutting jaws of the blades makes sure of that by providing a precise cut in every cycle. It also has a lifetime warranty which is quite great.

Best Features:

  • 1 piece set
  • Straight cut tool
  • Can cut 18 gauge cold rolled steel
  • Can cut 22 gauge stainless steel
  • String tool design
  • Added spring assistance
  • Single hand operation available
  • Hardened ¼ inches jaws
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Suitable as a long term tool


  • Only a single type of cut can be obtained
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4. Finder Aviation Snips

Finder Aviation Snips

Finding a handheld tool under an affordable price tag is getting easier and easier every day as brands like Finder are constantly offering great options at a budget-friendly price tag.

The Finder Aviation Snips is a single-piece straight cut aviation snip that is designed for carrying out precise cuts rather than large-sized approximate shearing. It is ideal for cutting through various materials such as aluminum and sheet metal along with DIY favored products such as leather, cardboard, and plastic.

You will find a PVC made outer body on these blades that are ergonomically designed to offer a firm grip along with a comfortable pressure on the user’s hands. The blades are made with anti-rust CRV steel which is decently hard and can endure a lot of cutting cycles without losing its edge.

The heat-treated blades keep the edges sharp and hard throughout its lifetime. To avoid mishaps during the working, it also features a safety lock that is recommended for regular users.

Best Features:

  • 1 piece set
  • Straight cut aviation snip
  • Precise cutting operation
  • Ideal for aluminum and sheet metal
  • Can also be used for leather, cardboard, and plastic
  • PVC made outer body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-rust CRV steel blade
  • Heat-treated blades
  • Safety lock
  • 2 years warranty


  • Comparatively safer to use
  • Blades are safe from rust damage


  • Only straight cuts are possible
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5.  MILW 3-Pc Aviation Snips

3-Pc Aviation Snips

Here is our first recommendation which consists of all 3 types of snips in a single box. The 3-Pc Aviation Snips from MILWAUKEE Electric Tools is nothing short of a brilliant choice if you are in need of all 3 types of tools at once. You might be thinking that the price tag for this product is comparatively higher. But, if you consider individual prices for these snips, you will be pretty satisfied with your purchase. Along with the affordable price range, it features high quality forged sharpened blades for satisfying cutting performance.

These snips also have a unique bolt safety lock that keeps the snips safer around everyone else and keeps the blades closed when not in use.

This maintains the sharpness of the blades and keeps them usable for a long time. The blades are chrome plated to ensure similar performance throughout their lifetime warranty period. The metal flush bolt lock is accessible with just one hand so the locking and unlocking are much easier than expected.

Best Features:

  • 3 piece set
  • High quality forged sharpened blades
  • Unique bolt safety lock feature
  • Less maintenance required
  • Chrome-plated blades
  • Metal flush bolt lock
  • Single hand operation
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A lifetime warranty is always a preferred choice for many
  • Suitable for all types of cuts


  • Grip might get slippery over time
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6. Metal Shears 1202S Aviation Snips

Metal Shears Aviation Snips

If a straight cut aviation snip is all you need, then the metal shears Aviation Snips from Klein Tools is a decent choice. In most cases, you will get different types of snips in a single purchase that will have equally low strength and durability.

But in the case of Klein Tools’ aviation snip, all your money is going to a single straight cut aviation snip so you get the best quality in the product. This snip has sharpened blades made out of forged steel that offer superior strength and durability. Apart from cutting metal tools, you can also use this snip for wire cutting that adds in its versatility regarding different applications.

This is one of the unique wire cutters that you will find in the industry that features a wire cutting on the outside of the regular metal cutting blades. You will be able to cut duct and ceiling based suspension wires with these tools easily.

It has a similar toughness rating as many other options which allows it to cut through 18 gauge steel and nearly 22 gauge stainless steel. While using the tool, you will find the spring action lock quite handy as it allows you to use the tool with just one hand. Even the grips are color-coded for different types of snips and comfortable for holding.

Best Features:

  • 1 piece set
  • Straight cut aviation snip
  • Sharpened high-quality blades
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Forged steel blades
  • Also allows wire cutting
  • Can cut duct and ceiling based suspension wires
  • High toughness rating
  • 18 gauge steel and 22 gauge stainless steel can be cut
  • Spring action lock


  • It has a spring action lock
  • Premium and versatile option


  • It can only provide straight cuts
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7. Channellock 610FL Aviation Snips

Channellock 610FL Aviation Snips

If you already have a complete set of aviation snips but just missing a single left cut unit, you can surely get along with the Channellock 610FL Offset Aviation Snip. It is a 10 inches long aviation snip with a left-sided cutting blade.

As the blade size is of optimum dimension, you can create sharp left-sided cuts on the metal and even straight cuts by tilting the tool constantly. It is capable of going through the standard 18 gauge steel and 22 gauge stainless steel material without any problem.

The blades on this aviation snip are made of forged alloy steel that is known for providing a decent amount of strength and durability to the blades. The blades have precise serrations to deliver a sharp material finish and an overall cleaner cut.

The 8:1 compound action promised by the manufacturer assures the maximum cutting power with the minimum input effort required by the user. Unfortunately, it does not have a warranty period.

Best Features:

  • Single piece unit
  • 10 inches long aviation snip
  • Left-sided cutting blade
  • Sharp left-sided cuts can be obtained
  • Can go through 18 gauge steel and 22 gauge stainless steel
  • Forged alloy steel blades
  • Precisely serrated blades
  • Delivers sharp material finish
  • Cutting is cleaner and accurate
  • 8:1 compound action
  • The maximum force under minimum effort


  • It does not require a large amount of force
  • The support grip is provided on both sides


  • Quite an expensive aviation snip
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8. Metal Shears Aviation Snips

Metal Shears Aviation Snips

In the end, we will mention one more complete set of aviation snips. This set is coming from Toolmoom which is yet another affordable name in the industry. Similar to our previous complete set, this variant also includes left, right and center cut aviation snips so that you will be able to create all kinds of cuts on your workpiece.

It has high-quality blades that are made out of molybdenum alloy steel and heat-treated so that it does not lose its hardness over time.

Gripping an aviation snip is equally as important as the strength and quality of the blade as it can either allow you a comfortable grip and create a nuisance while going through hard metal. In the case of Toolmoom aviation snips, the grips are completely anti-rust and made from CRV with an ergonomic design.

Thus, it transfers the maximum force from the user’s hand to the blades and avoids the chances of slipping for harder cuts.

Best Features:

  • 3 piece set
  • Includes left, right, and center cut tools
  • High-quality blades
  • Molybdenum alloy steel blade material
  • Does not lose hardness over time
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Force propagation is ideal


  • All types of snips are included
  • Suitable for all types of applications


  • It does not have a warranty period
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Buying Guide For The Aviation Snips

After going through our list of the best aviation snips in the market, you must have gotten a decent idea about what to look for while buying one for yourself.

As we have given you thorough information about the features of every product along with its pros and cons, you can easily decide which option you can prefer and which ones you need to avoid. In case you have not yet decided what type of aviation snip is best for you, kindly follow our buying guide so that we can tell you about the most important factors of an aviation snip.

1. Blade Quality

All of the work of an aviation snip is performed by the blades available on its end. The material of the blades is solely responsible for the capability of the snip to go through different objects. You will find many different types of blades that are suitable for a certain level of toughness and suitable for a particular gauge of metal.

Another major difference that can be noticed in the blades is the serrated blades & smooth blades that have a distinct purpose from one another. You must select the perfect blade type to ease your cutting job.

2. Cutting Direction

The cutting direction is a crucial part of cutting metal objects as you have to generate a particular shape of the cut. Due to the expensive nature of the raw material, the cut has to be made precise otherwise it would ruin the raw material entirely.

There are many special cuts such as angled cuts and curves that have to be made with special types of snips. These types are right and left-sided snips which are also color-coded with yellow, green, and red handles. If you just want to go through the material in a straight line, you should prefer a straight cut snip.

3. Ease of use

The operator should be comfortable while using the tool to work with maximum productivity. This increases the convenience of the user with the job and helps the user to get the work done with greater accuracy.

The ease of use in the case of the aviation snips refers to the grip available on the other end of the snip. These grips are made with different types of material and have a detailed texture over them that provides a firm grip for the user. The perfect aviation snip tool does not have a drag to it and does not create discomfort for the user in any form.

4. Weight and size of the snip

This is yet another factor that strongly affects the users while using the aviation snip on different types of metals. An aviation snip is a handheld tool and you have to balance both the tool and the workpiece while using it to cut through metal.

A heavier option is certainly more difficult to handle and requires you to hold the tool with both hands while cutting. As for the size of the tool, a large-sized aviation snip will allow you to make the cuts faster. But, you will not be able to maintain a similar level of accuracy with the larger tool as you would with a compact and precise option.


Sheet metal is a very important material and is widely used for a large number of applications all around the country. Sheet metal contributes to both, commercial as well as domestic projects that are aimed for a proper application.

To make sure the sheet metal part is properly trimmed and fit for the job, you will have to pry through the tough metal via a perfect pair of aviation snips. This handheld metal cutting tool will allow you to carefully cut through the required section of the metal without using any machinery. Given that you already have proper knowledge of the tool and have the means to use it for your projects, here are our top recommendations for the best aviation snips regarding various applications.

  • First of all, we will recommend that CRAFTSMAN Aviation Snip is aimed at casual workers and hobbyists that require the tool for domestic projects. This snip comes at the most affordable price range and available in singular options for left, right, and straight cuts. The straight cut variant mentioned here is backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • In case you require all three types of aviation snips in a single package, the 3-Pc Aviation Snips offered by MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOLS can be a great pick. Here, you will get a strong pair of left, right, and straight cut snips that can cut through hard metals without any problem. These are also the largest snips from our list that carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Toolmoom’s Metal Shears Aviation Snip Set is yet another decent choice to get all three types of snips available in a single package. It features a great design that provides comfort to the user while cutting through tough metal. It also allows you to exert more force without damaging your hands.

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